Cane & Table

1113 Decatur  St.

I went to Cane & Table based on reviews from friends (and friends of friends) – they all raved about it. And it was good but nothing to rave about. Here’s the rundown


Food: I went with a big group of friends – everyone ordered something different. The overall winner was definitely the ribs – everything else was pretty average. I tried the skirt steak – it was alright – a little overcooked for rare (which is what I requested). The homemade pork skins were good (not as good as Toupes though). The humus was pretty average. Big lesson here: if somewhere is known for ribs and cocktails – order that.

Cocktails: great cocktail deals. They do make good drinks. Try Sardi’s Delight or the Sage Julep. Yum!

Service: average and a bit slow. Empty drinks stayed empty even when the waitress came by to ask how things were going.

Decor: space is amazing. The owners lovingly restored the space yet kept some the peeling plaster; the wood bar is original. Two thumbs up for decor. Great space in the quarter.

RATING:  image2image2image2

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